Sunday, July 24, 2016

Extra Credit: Event 3

Me in front of Bodies: The Exhibition at the Hotel Luxor in Las Vegas

On July 2nd, I went to “Bodies: The Exhibition” similar to the Bodies World exhibit I learned about in week two. I was able to see fascinating specimens that were preserved through plastination. Plastination allows the preservation of the muscle tissue and organs of an organism by halting its decomposition. The polymer solution replaces normal body fluids cutting off any present bacteria’s food source thereby halting decomposition.
Cross sectional portions of the human body
Throughout the exhibit there were both full human bodies, cross sectional slices of the human body, individual organs and bone specimens. The preserves that most caught my eye were the the pregnant mother with her baby still in the womb and the preserved human fetuses displaying each stage of in utero development.
A Museum proctor and I

One of their largest displays was similar to the Visible Human Project which took images of a thinly-sliced body in order to create a comprehensive representation of each layer of the body. Although controversial, this technique seems to have lasted throughout the years because this exhibit’s final display was an entire body laid out on a table with each cross section displayed in stacking order. By preserving the human body, practices that could only be seen in the surgical room are now widely available to the public. The correlation of science and art is very clear in this exhibit. The use of medical technology to expand the knowledge of the public as well as make an art exhibit shows the beauty of the human body.


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All images by Kaelyn Bowers

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